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In recent years, my unit using geophysical prospecting methods in active fault, geological hazards, such as mining subsidence area, the location of the railway tunnel exploration and related items do a lot of work, accumulated rich experience, my unit for the future of the geological disaster evaluation of exploration, design and laid a solid foundation. Geological disasters exploration representative projects are as follows:
1.March 2005 the ewenki nationality in Inner Mongolia flag (4 x 600 mw) of new engineering factory major disaster survey and work method, transient electromagnetic, 245 physical points.
2.April 2005 years to complete the "changchun fracture geological hazard survey near the site of the third power plant, working method, transient electromagnetic, 250 physical points.
3.September 2006 years to complete the "east road and dragon - white river railway tunnel geological disasters geophysical exploration, new work method, transient electromagnetic, 361 physical point; High density, 1850 physical damage.
4.In October 2006 years to complete the "jilin jiutai city coal mining subsidence area survey,
5.Completed in March, 2007 "changchun city active fault detection and seismic risk evaluation" project - A8
6.September 2007 years to complete the "east road, tonghua - irrigation railway roadbed, tunnel geological disasters in geophysical exploration, working method, transient electromagnetic, 1063 physical point; High density, 3317 physical damage.
7.Completed in March, 2014 the baishan tong groove shantytown renovation project B5 area geophysical exploration (in mining subsidence)"