JGC have two seismic operation team 。in the long-term coal exploraiotn、Oil and gas exploration、in the process of geothermal water exploration,JGC in the domestic seismic exploration footprint Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, neimenggu ,Shandong ,Xinjiang ,Tibet, many provinces and automomous regions
Through the comprehensive geophysical prospecting methods such as electrical method can detect coal, metal and non-metallic mineral exploration, can undertake hydraulic loop, geothermal and geological disasters exploration, its applicable condition and application range is wide, such as the mine electric prospecting, mountain electric prospecting, forest electric prospecting, to build the songhua river bridge electric prospecting, geothermal exploration of shallow ground temperature measuring mercury gas, geothermal exploration, oil and magnetic exploration.
Existing twenty seven types of surveying and mapping professionals, in which there is one registered surveyor, seven senior professional and technical personnel , sixteen intermediate professional and technical personnel, three junior professional and technical personnel.
Main geophysical exploration equipment: Two French Nomad 65 seismic vibrator, One shear wave and longitudinal wave combined seismic vibrator, Four sets of 428 xl digital seismic instruments, the collection, cross station, cross line, cable, etc.
In recent years, my unit using geophysical prospecting methods in active fault, geological hazards, such as mining subsidence area, the location of the railway tunnel exploration and related items do a lot of work, accumulated rich experience, my unit for the future of the geological disaster evaluation of exploration, design and laid a solid foundation. Geological disasters exploration representative projects are as follows:
In recent years, my unit using 2 d, 3 d seismic and the means such as electrical method, the coal, metal and other solid mineral prospecting has made a lot of work, have submitted more than 50 reconnaissance and detailed investigation report, the following representative of these projects.
I finished the company using geophysical exploration methods shuangyang district of changchun city of jilin province shuang dingzi village 10 clubs in goaf subsidence ", "jilin baishan HunJiang coalfield red cliff to big mirror channel (HunJiang power plants) project", etc. A number of engineering investigation, report and submit the engineering geophysical prospecting
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