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Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Strategic Objectives

The pursuit of zero accidents, zero injuries, no environmental pollution, the industry HSE management first-class  level, first-class performance, first-class image.

Specific goals and targets

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Jilin  Geophysical Company
  HSE Target
Major traffic accidents is zero
Traffic fatality rate is zero
General traffic accidents is zero
Vehicle inspection rate of 100%
Maintenance rate of 100%
100%Regular driver safety education  
Environmental pollution accidents is zero
Zero for fire and explosion accident
100% fire equipment and facilities intact rate
Fire equipment and facilities equipment rate of 100%
Regular inspection of fire equipment and facilities 100%
Explosion is zero
Every blasting  personnel will get certificates to work
Serious injured industrial accident is zero
High falling accident is zero
Equipment accidents is zero
Electric shock is zero
Occupational disease outbreak rate is zero
100%  to wear the labor protective equipment correctly
Occupational medical examination rate of 100%


General manager:Chaolin Li
January 1, 2008