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Jilin Geophysical Co. (JGC), founded in 1956, under The Geological Bureau, which is a national financial full allocation institution.

Jilin Geophysical Co. (JGC) has obtained class-A qualification for geophysical exploration, class-B qualification for solid mineral exploration and class-B qualification for engineering mapping. October 2004 passed the ISO-9001 quality system certification. In 2008 passed the China Petroleum HSE safety health and environmental management system certification.

JGC has 191employees .107 people with engineering and technical personnel, in which there are 15 researchers, 26 senior engineer, 38 engineers, 28assistant engineer. Technical staff accounted for 56 percent of the total number of employees.

The company has five professional crews, the seismic exploration crews, the professional survey crew, the gravity and magnetic prospecting crew,the geophysical research laboratory and geological research room.

JGC is a professional team of coal system in china, which is the first to buy 400 series digital seismic instrument from French Company Sercel. 400 series acquisition system a total of 11768 traces.(408 ground acquisition system 7368 traces,428 ground acquisition system 7368 traces),Ranks first in the coal industry in China.

JGC is a professional team of coal system in china, which is the first to buy Nomad-65(28 ton)seismic vibrator from French Company Sercel. This is the current international seismic exploration project bidding designated special source system. We have two Nomad-65 seismic vibrators, one seismic vibrator with vertical and horizontal waves, United States Sun series of geophysical data processing Workstation, France CGG company authorized seismic data processing software. We have geophysical prospecting equipment such as Gravity meter, magnetometer, electric magnetic meter, Zeeman mercury analyzer, shallow layer temperature measuring instrument.

JGC have one Switzerland Leica-TS30(0.5″)total station, three Leica-TS02(R1000,2″)total station, two Leica-TS02(R1000,5″)total station , one Leica-DNA03 Electronic level and There are altogether thirteen apparatus such as Trimble-R4 and Trimble-R6 which from America, Thales Z-max GPS from French.

JGC has been a main player in oil and gas geophysical explorations markets from early 1990s. We has completed more than twenty petroleum seismic exploration projects at Petro China in Daqing Oilfield. We complete six heavy and magnetic oil exploration projects about Daqing oilfield and Jilin oilfield. All one-time pass the review and record from Competent department or project Party A. Successive found Jilin Long Jiapu and west of Jiutai coalfields.

As a result of the development of 60 many years, JGC is a professional team formed a complete category ,advanced equipment ,be able to carry out geophysical exploration of coal, geophysical prospecting for petroleum, geothermal exploration ,geological hazard exploration and solid mineral exploration