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Jilin province coalfield geological exploration company metering is a concentration of engineering survey: control survey, topographic survey, engineering survey, deformation deformation and precision measurement, mine surveying; Underground pipeline detection. Cadastral surveying and mapping, etc. As one of professional qualification of surveying and mapping unit.
Company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, among them, 1 registered surveyors, researcher, senior professional and technical personnel nine people, intermediate professional and technical personnel 14, 5 junior professional and technical personnel and are graduated from the college of surveying and mapping engineering, science to systematically study the surveying and mapping, digital map, cadastral surveying and mapping, engineering surveying, geodesy, 3 s technology, aerial remote sensing, measurement program design and other professional and related courses, and able to skillfully use CASS surveying and mapping engineering, CAD and other related professional software, has a solid theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability; Treat work positive, serious, responsible, full of passion, is an experienced, steadfast capable of excellent professional surveying and mapping team.
The company is committed to the development of surveying and mapping, and constantly improve their technology strength, the introduction of talents, purchases of surveying and mapping equipment excellent, the company now has the Trimble refused - R4, Trimble refused - R6, French Thales Z - Max GPS receiver 13 sets, Switzerland Leica - TS30 (0.5 ") total station 1, Leica - TS02 (R1000, 2) total station 3, the Leica - TS02 (R1000, 5 ") total station 2 sets and Leica - DNA03 electronic level 1, and have multiple sets of underground pipeline detectors, and other high-precision instruments and equipment, computer, printer, plotter, image scanner and other office equipment, and equipped with Trimble refused Business Center software, CASS topography and cadastral mapping software, Mapgis, Arcgis geographic information system platform software and other professional software, can complete all kinds of precision of surveying and mapping work.
As the stable improvement of software and hardware facilities, the company has a strong production capacity, for many years with strong production and technical service capabilities, successively in jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, jilin, and other regional completed engineering survey, cadastral surveying and mapping, settlement observation, land change survey, rural land approval and aerial field mapping, highway engineering survey and thousands of earthquake engineering survey projects, has accumulated rich experience of digital surveying and mapping engineering construction, explore formed a relatively perfect production technology process and quality assurance system, engineering quality won widespread high praise and repeatedly commended by the user.
Company attaches great importance to quality work, established a perfect quality assurance system, in 2004 the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and for years by the provincial, municipal geographic information bureau of surveying and mapping of the inspection.
Company to "create geophysical prospecting the most professional, the largest comprehensive technical service platform, surveying and mapping technology for urban infrastructure construction to provide one-stop service" as the vision, further carry forward the "good faith, fair, pragmatic and innovative" business philosophy, in line with serious, responsible attitude, high efficiency, refinement, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide quality products and technical services.