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Main geophysical exploration equipment: Two French Nomad 65 seismic vibrator, One shear wave and longitudinal wave combined seismic vibrator, Four sets of 428 xl digital seismic instruments, the collection, cross station, cross line, cable, etc.

Data acquisition equipment
4 sets of 428XL digital seismic instrument s with the surface data acquisition system ( 408link and 428link ) more than 11700 channels.
50000 digital geophone strings




Survey equipments

nine Trimble R6 and R4 dual band GPS receiver,
four Thales Z-max dual band GPS receiver
Leica total station instrument 6 sets
Leica DNA03+ Digital Level 2 sets

Drilling equipment
Six WT-50 truck mounted drilling rig

Data processing equipment
American SUN series of geophysical data interpretation workstation


Gravity, magnetic, electrical equipment

The United States of America WORDEN - 1317 gravimeter 3
G856A magnetic device 2
The CUGTEM-8 electromagnetic sounding instrument 2 sets

G856 Magnetometer